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Dog Groomer Puyallup
Pet Salon
Dog Groomer Puyallup
Pet Salon
Dog Groomer Puyallup services are important to your dog's health. Not only does regular brushing remove dead hair and prevent matting but it also tends to create a healthier and shinier coast by stimulating the blood supply to the skin.
In addition to the animals coat caring for the eyes, ears and nails is important too.
In most cases you should clean your dog's eyes and ears daily and brush their teeth regularly.
Nail Care: Your dogs nails should barely touch the ground when they walk.
Use trimmers designed for you pet
Make sure they are sharp
From the tip of the nail snip small sections.
When you start to see pale pink tissue stop.
Use a nail file to complete and smooth the edges.
Avoid cutting into the quick as it contains nerves and will bleed easily.
Dark nails can be difficult as the quick is hard to see.
If the tip bleeds apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding
Trim once a month or the quick can lengthen and long nails can cause traction issues.

Our services are a daily job and it is much easier to bring in your pet to Dog Groomer Puyallup
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Dog Groomer Puyallup
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